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Food Safety

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The Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs at Spokane Produce Inc. are products of over 60 years of wholesale distribution and fresh cut manufacturing experience in the Pacific Northwest. Our QA/QC Program begins with our Produce Buying Department, which purchases only the freshest products from well established dealers.

Our Receivers are thoroughly trained in hazard recognition which may include a wide range of food quality issues. Each receiver is obliged to adhere to the standards set forth in our detailed on site receiving manual. Our warehouse Quality Control Officer continually inspects newly received lots as well. This system allows Spokane Produce to constantly monitor the quality of our inventories.

The Fresh Cut Produce & Kitchen Divisions implements an industry standard Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Program. Foundational to our HACCP Program is the department's adherence to specific Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) as set forth in CFR 21 Part 110. Expanding on these sets of food manufacturing regulations, our department has proactively invited external third party food safety audits to be conducted. On our most recent audit (Oct. 18, 2011) Silliker Labs Inc. scored us with a 98.8 "Excellent" (highest) for programs insuring the safety and quality of our products.

Our HACCP plan provides for the control of the three most common food safety concerns, i.e. microbial contamination, physical contamination, and chemical contamination. The other aspects of our Food Safety/Quality Assurance Program target shelf life of the product and end user satisfaction concerns.

A product recall strategy is in place and its efficiency verified by exercising mock recalls semiannually. In the event of a possible product recall the designated Recall Coordinator/HACCP Coordinator implements the protocol and oversees each assigned Department Coordinators fulfillment of recall duties. Security video surveillance cameras monitor our grounds and buildings. Specific delivery procedures insure that nothing enters our facility that isn't tracked by an associated purchasing document. Entrance to our facility other than the front door is restricted to our employees by a secure hand print access device. All visitors are required to sign in at the front desk, and are escorted to their appointments by company personnel. They sign out when leaving the facility.

Spokane Produce ensures the stability of our products by having designed multi-layer quality assurance programs. As previously noted, we purchase only the highest quality produce from established dealers. We have on site quality monitoring personnel as well as an on site USDA inspector who interfaces continually with the Buying Department. Strict cold chain control and monitoring are the solid foundations for our programs.

At Spokane Produce we believe an effective Food Safety program is vital to the survival of our and our customer's business.