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May 18, 2017

Market News

Avocados: California growers continue to harvest good steady volumes and size continues to peak on 60s/48s/70s. Demand remains strong for all sizes and still out-pacing the supplies of 48s and larger with these sizes bring a premium on the market. Avocado (Mexican) Mexico’s shipments this week look to stay steady is comparison with the last couple of weeks. The industry still projects a slow weekly drop is volume into June when the volume is expected to make a fairly significant weekly drop off. There still remains the concern that Mexico has over harvested and leaving some kind of gap in supply in June.
Blueberries: Blueberry production has slowed down this week. Central California new crop has started off much slower than expected. The cooler weather last week and the beginning of this week has delayed harvest. The weather is expected to warm up by the weekend which will help push product along and we expect to have better supplies by next week.
Raspberries: Raspberry supplies remain limited throughout the industry. Mexico continues to be the predominant supplier of raspberries with Santa Maria production being very light. Salinas / Watsonville are expected to start by the end of the month if the weather warms up as predicted. Quality has been excellent and demand is strong. Market prices have been steady, but will remain expensive and firm until we see better supplies out of California.
Strawberries: Strawberry supplies continue to be strong in Santa Maria, Salinas and Watsonville. Oxnard is now done for the season. Quality is strong in all areas, but Salinas is producing bigger fruit. Santa Maria will continue with good production for another 4-6 weeks. Salinas / Watsonville will continue to increase harvest as we move into summer.
Broccoli: The broccoli supplies out of Salinas are keeping that market at a higher level than Santa Maria or Mexico. The more competitive prices are out of those loading areas. Quality is excellent out of all areas with decent broccoli crown size, minimal yellowing, and little dehydration. We will see supplies increase as we enter into next week.
Navel Oranges: California’s Navel season is quickly come to an end. Many shippers are already done and others will be done by the end of the month. Demand for them is still strong, availability is mostly on the lagers sizes and almost nonexistent on the small sizes.
Green Grapes: Green grapes are still high priced but look to be on the verge of coming down. Supplies are light due to Chile being finished for the season. The Mexican and domestic grown desert grapes are available in light volumes which are building. Quality is being reported as very nice. Cooler than normal temperatures in the new growing areas has been keeping volume down. The market is steady.
Red Grapes: Red grapes are in a steady to lower market. Offshore supplies are depleted nearly 100%. Grapes from Mexico are going now with building volumes. The desert started in a small way this past weekend and is also building volume. Sizing on the new crop is mainly Medium Large. Quality is being reported as very nice.
Watermelons: Quality and condition and conventional seedless continue to be good. Personal seedless are available in limited supply peaking on smaller sizes. Sonora spring crop continues to be good, cooler weather has slowed production slightly. Sugar has improved . Good demand on all sizes, peaking on larger fruit. Mostly bins available and cartons being packed to order.
Tomatoes: Nogales is finishing up sooner than anticipated with poor quality yields from crops that weren’t tended to due to low markets in previous months. New growing areas out of Baja have begun production where yields are marginal this time of year. Roma tomatoes are currently short out of Baja and are expected to come into better production this week helping the transition of western supply. Grape tomatoes have also transitioned to Baja where cherry tomatoes are available in limited numbers. Western re-packers will have the option to reduce their weekly pulls from Florida offsetting their freight cost to keep price competitive in the rising market.

July 25, 2012

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