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July 21, 2017

Market News

Asparagus: Central Mexico is still experiencing rain, and will continue to see rain for the next 7 days. The rain coupled with cooler night time temperatures is still hurting production. Baja Mexico (Ensenada) has started with production, and will start to have more volume in the next 7 days. Peru is still in transition from the North (Trujillo) to the South (ICA), we should see more volume in the next 7-10 days. Overall market is short, especially on the larger sizes.
Avocados: Avocado (California) Quality is very good, fruit is ripening evenly and tasting great. The crop continues to peak on 48s and larger, with limited amounts of 60s and smaller fruit. Harvest continues to drop slowly and expect light supplies in August. Avocado (Mexican) Mexico continues to harvest small volume of the old crop, with size peaking on 48s and larger fruit. This crop has high maturity, so keep supplies tight. The new summer crop has started and better supplies beginning to arrive to the states. This new summer crop will peak on 60s and 70s. This new crop fruit has a lower maturity level and will take longer to ripen.
Blueberries: Blueberries have sprung back into action in a big way this week. Oregon and British Columbia have come on strong with high volume production. Quality is excellent with good color, firm berries and great flavor. Oregon will peak in production this week and start to gradually slow down. BC will be in peak harvest next week through the end of the month. Washington will pick up harvest next week, but volume is expected to remain light. Market prices on the Pacific Northwest have been active. As the volume has come on swiftly, supplies are now readily available and markets are starting to decline.
Raspberries: Raspberry availability is getting light. Supplies will continue to decrease through the month of July. Santa Maria, Salinas and Watsonville growing regions have all past their peaks and production is on the down trend until the next cycle of plantings begin in August. Availability will increasingly become a challenge as we move later in the month. I expect market prices to increase as supplies become lighter.
Cherries: Cherry volume will start to end over the next 2-3 weeks. Prices have fallen since the 4th of July holiday and good deals can be found from shippers. Quality remains excellent.
Grapes: Grapes (Green) Green grapes are being harvested in the San Joaquin Valley now. Volumes are currently getting better as more growers increase production. Demand has picked up a bit over last week. Quality on the new crop is excellent with nice size grapes and good uniformity on the current lots being packed. The market is lower to steady. Grapes (Red) Red grapes are being harvested only in California now. Supplies are ramping up while demand is good but not enough to keep the new crop higher priced grapes from slowly adjusting downwards. Quality is excellent with many of the lots being large and uniform. We have smaller sized grapes for value buys and XL for high end customers. The market is lower to steady
Cantaloupes: Cantaloupes are being harvested in the San Joaquin Valley. Supplies are increasing as growers increase their production. Demand is not very high right now but will increase in a couple of weeks as schools across the nation start back up. The quality on the new crop lopes is excellent and looks to continue to be that way for a while. The market is lower.
Tomatoes; California is experiencing the effects of bloom drop due to extreme heat in the valley over the past several weeks tightening overall supply firming up pricing. The National supply in Mexico is also strong and there is less volume coming across the border. FOB shipping points have increased by 2+ dollars this week. Similarly roma tomato supplies have also tightened sending pricing upward. Rain in eastern Mexico has slowed production and less is available in the U.S. with most staying in Mexico. Grape and cherry tomatoes have also slowed crossing the border and supply has tightened out of Baja edging prices upward. The market may remain on an upward trend through the rest of the month until inventories are replenished in August.

July 25, 2012

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