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November 9, 2022

Market News

Apples – Small low-grade Grannys and Fujis will continue to be in
tight supply for the balance of the season. Overall, both
varieties are short tonnage and are peaking on larger sizes and
higher grades.
Asparagus – Supplies continue to remain tight on the West Coast.
East coast has good supplies and better pricing. Both coasts are
struggling with a limited supply of XL and JBO sizing.
Avocados – There is a good supply on all sizes. Overall, good
quality and pricing is steady. Suppliers dealing on volume.
Bell Peppers – Markets are fairly steady. We are seeing some
overlap between Coachella and Nogales as more shippers will
come online in the next few weeks. The quality is good. Eastcoast
supply is adequate due to moderate demand. Florida is on watch
as growers are bracing for a late season Tropical Storm Nicole
that is expected to make landfall this week. Red bells remain very
limited out of Coachella.
Berries (Blackberries) –Markets are steady out of Central Mexico,
look for a slight increase in numbers in December.
Berries (Blueberries) – Good availability out of several locations on
imports from Central Mexico, Peru, and Chile. Overall, good quality
and pricing is lower.
Berries (Raspberries) –There is a fair availability out of Central
Mexico and Baja on this item. Overall, the quality is fair and pricing
is lower.
Berries (Strawberries) – Demand exceeds supply situation exists
for the 5th straight week due to rain and previous weather-related
issues. Central Mexico volume is slowly becoming available out of
Texas. Florida is still on track for December 1st start date.
Broccoli – Supplies are continuing to become very limited as we
approach the end of the season. Quality issues such as pin rot have
been causing extremely lower yields. Look for this market to
continue to go up as we approach the weekend.
Brussels Sprouts – Supplies continue to get a little tighter. Expect
good quality and the market to be steadily going up as we
approach the weekend.
Carrots – Carrot supplies are ample besides organic rainbows and
conventional jumbos. Organic rainbow and conventional jumbo
carrots will be in a better spot mid-November.
Cauliflower – Cauliflower supplies continue to be extremely limited
in Salinas and Santa Maria. Quality continues to be affected by
the heat and rain. Look for supplies to remain tight going into next
Celery –As the month of November is upon us, active markets for
this commodity is occurring with all suppliers. Oxnard/Santa Maria
continues to have the best availability and sharp pricing. Escalated
pricing on value-added product will begin this Thursday. Production
in Salinas is just about finished. Large sizing continues to have the
best availability. Although rain and cold weather have not affected
the quality of the product, it has slowed down growth.
Citrus (Lemons) –California Desert/ Arizona Region and San
Joaquin Region are the main growing regions. Overall, good quality
and pricing is steady.
Citrus (Limes)– The markets are steady with good availability.
Overall, good quality and pricing is steady.
Citrus (Oranges) - Domestic navels are now the main variety. 72ct
and larger are tight to start off the season. Current gas times are 72
hrs; Brix is currently 11-12. Cooler nights are upon us which will help
color up the fruit naturally.
Cucumbers –Markets are steady to slightly lower as Nogales
continues to build volume. Good quality out of Nogales. East coast
supply remains adequate out of Georgia as Florida braces for a late
season hurricane that may push back the start of their season.
Eggplant – The markets are steady. Nogales eggplant
has started in a light way. Georgia’s supply is steady and
Florida should start in about 3 weeks. Overall, quality is
fair and pricing is steady.
Garlic –The garlic supplies have improved. The new
California crop for 2022 is helping supplies. Overall, the
quality is good and the price is higher.
Grapes (Green) – The green grape market is starting to
improve as shippers sell out of smaller weaker grapes.
Still good supplies on larger higher quality grapes.
Grapes (Red) – The red grape market is starting to
improve as shippers sell out of smaller weaker grapes.
Still good supplies on larger higher quality grapes.
Green Onions – Green Onion supplies continue to be
somewhat limited. The weather in Mexico does look
good in the short term. Green Onion supplies will
continue to be moderate going into the weekend.
Kale – Steady supplies are keeping this market level.
Look for this market to stay steady going into the
weekend. Overall, good quality and pricing is steady.
Lettuce (Iceberg) – Record pricing for this commodity
remains high, yet demand is not decreasing.
Production in Salinas is all but finished. Huron will
continue for another week or two and Yuma will have
moderate production for the week. Value-added items
remain at an all-time high, and this will continue for the
next few weeks, at a minimum. Production in Huron
and Yuma has been above average in the opinions of
customers. With this being said, lighter weights, ribbing,
and misshapen heads are reported but orders
continue to come in. Supplies cannot keep up with
demand. Expect light supplies to continue through the
month of November.
Lettuce Leaf – Like lettuce, romaine as well as all leaf items
and romaine hearts cannot keep up with demand. This
will continue for the next three to four weeks. Increases
in value-added items will continue throughout this month.
Huron will have production as well as Santa Maria/Oxnard
and Yuma. The demand cannot be met by production. This
is the direct reason why high markets continues to exist.
Common defects on romaine and leaf items will be small
head sizing , lightweights, and discoloration on the outer
Lettuce Tender Leaf – Supply has been good with most
tender leaf items with fair quality in size and texture. All
tender leaf supplies are good at this time.
Melons (Cantaloupe) – Supply is diminishing in the US
over the next few days as the season prematurely ends. At
the end of this week, the offshore season will begin.
Mexico still has fairly good supplies loading in Nogales.
Melons (Honeydew) – Nogales/Mexico is going strong
with plenty of fruit. Overall, good quality and pricing is
Melons (Watermelon) – Supplies continue to stay tight in
California and Mexico. Overall, fair quality. Low sugar
readings offshore imports will start mid-December.
Mushrooms – Retail demand is ramping up for
Thanksgiving demand, making supplies less available than
in recent weeks.
Onions – The market is steady to lower with deals on
medium and jumbo onions in Washington. Super
colossal-sized onions remain limited.
Pears –Market mostly steady. Wide range in prices on
mostly US#1 fruit.
Pineapples – Steady open market volume. Overall, good
quality and pricing is steady.
Potatoes – Market is high and demand is extreme with
Thanksgiving approaching. Expect limited supplies through
the holiday.
Squash – Good availability out of Nogales; quality is good.
Georgia’s supply is adequate. Florida has begun however
the storm approaching Florida could affect supply.
Stone Fruit – Peaches and Nectarines are done for the
season. Plums will continue for about another three weeks
with moderate supplies. Almost all of the remaining plums
are red with very few green plums being offered. New crop
California kiwi is in full swing. Pomegranates and
persimmons are in full production in the Central Valley.
Tomatoes – Demand exceeds supply. Markets are holding
at elevated levels. Central Florida and Baja are producing
very light supplies due to past hurricanes. Markets are
expected to remain elevated through January. Growers in
Florida are on watch as a late-season storm will make
landfall off Florida’s east coast this week which will bring
heavy rain/winds to the region.