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June 7, 2017

Market News

Blueberries: Blueberries supplies continue to be in steady out of central California. We expect this area to remain consistent over the next 2 weeks, then gradually decline in production. Quality has been excellent and demand has been strong. Market prices have come down slowly.
Raspberries: Raspberry supplies are finally improving. Starting over the weekend, harvest increased up north. Salinas / Watsonville fields are producing good volumes of high quality fruit. We expect supplies to continue to improve over the 2 weeks as we approach peak harvest for the first cycle of production. Quality is excellent with bright color and firm berries. Market prices have been steady, but will begin to decline this week as more volume becomes available. Look for opportunity buys on volume by the weekend.
Strawberries: Strawberry supplies continue to be consistent this week. Weather patterns are similar in all areas. Cool mornings with heavy fog and light drizzle, burning off by mid day an sunny afternoons. As a whole, Santa Maria production has slowed down, but we continue to see steady supplies of berries being harvested on a daily basis. Quality is holding up, but berry sizes are being reported as smaller (20-22ct). Markets have been flat in Santa Maria with occasional spot buy opportunities to move volume. Salinas / Watsonville production continues to increase as we approach peak season mid to late June. Quality is being reported as good with berry sizes being larger (12-14ct). Some of the Salinas varieties will size down over the next 2 weeks. Markets have been steady up north with occasional aggressive buys being offered to move volume.
Broccoli: The Salinas valley has had its typical weather patterns allowing supplies to remain unchanged. The market has leveled out and looks to remain steady for the balance of the week. Quality is really nice with vibrant green color, minimal yellowing, good crown size as well.
Cantaloupe: The domestic growing areas in Arizona and California and supporting our demand. The desert grown melons have experienced overall good growing conditions. We have had some instances where the melons had some soft spots which were probably caused by hot weather. A vast majority of arrivals have been excellent. Lopes are peaking on 9ct with very few 15’s coming in. The market is steady to higher based on higher demand.
Stone Fruit: Weather in California’s San Joaquin Valley has been positive for good production albeit we have had a slow start. The wet winter and plenty of cold nights has growers expecting a great CA stone fruit season. Stone Fruit harvesting started slowly in the San Joaquin Valley it’s still not up to full speed but in the next couple of weeks we will feel a huge difference in the stone fruit arena. Nectarines, peaches and apricots are being packed. Plums started too and are increasing in volume. Cherries are finished for most growers in the valley and we have Washington coming up in the nest few weeks. The overall peak size being packed is in the larger end of the spectrum. The market is lower.
Tomatoes: Nogales has finished for the season and Baja crossings into San Diego continue to gain momentum on where Vine ripes and romas are in better volume. The quality of fruit crossing at Baja is generally good. Prices are slightly down from last week.. Grape tomatoes have also improved. Cherry supplies are steady this week and demand is light. More repackers will be able to meet their needs without having to go east, and with California starting up in July, eastern shippers only have a couple of weeks left to set their pricing on the higher side until they will have to compete with the usual flush of fruit out of the Central Valley.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

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