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July 8, 2020

Market News

Apples – Small size fruit remains limited as the USDA Box program and Retail are still running hard. New Crop Gala and Ginger Golds coming mid August.
Asparagus – Better supplies coming out of Peru and Mexico is bringing down the Asparagus market.
Avocados – Market has softened. Currently, the pipeline is flooded with fruit. Country of origins include Mexico, USA, Peru and Columbia.
Bell Peppers – Very limited supplies on red and yellow bell pepper, decent supplies on green bell pepper. Some condition issues due to heat during growing season.
Berries (Blackberries) – Blackberries are in limited supply however there are multiple growing areas to choose from Ga, NC Central West Coast. There is lower volume in each of these areas.
Berries (Blueberries) – Availability is somewhat scattered as we see PNW opening up this week along with Indiana,NJ and Michigan slated to start late next week in a light way.
Berries (Raspberries) – Numbers are light coming out of Baja and Central Coast.
Berries (Strawberries) – Good ad business and slowly declining numbers after peaking last week are causing markets to stay firm and open market fruit to be scarce.
Broccoli – Supplies are steadily improving. Brussels Sprouts – Supplies continue to be tight, keeping the market up.
Carrots – steady go on carrots larger sizes and cello carrots are limited due to USDA box bid demand.
Cauliflower – Better supplies and better quality are driving the market downward.
Celery – Light supplies both north and south will continue for the week. The overall quality is good. The thirty six count are the tighest in availability.
Cherries – Supplies are good. Market is steady. Looks for the market to soften slightly as we get into next week.
Citrus (Lemons) – Markets are active and firm on fancy grade. Choice market is still looking steady. More supplies available out of Oxnard/ Ventura.
Citrus (Limes) – Good supplies this week, quality looks great. Markets are soft, lots of opportunities out of California & Texas,
Citrus (Oranges) – Valencia’s supplies are steady and markets are strong. Quality looks great!
Cucumbers – Nogales season finishing, Baja California going with good volume and condition.
Garlic – Light supplies continue. There is new crop garlic but the curing time is another 2-3 weeks before you can use.
Grapes (Green) – Good availability on domestic grapes out of Coachella. Arvin is ramping up this week. Mexico will conclude their season in the next week.
Grapes (Red) – Availability continues to improve on domestic fruit. Coachella is going and production in Arvin has started up this week. Demand is light and Mexico is tapering of for the season.
Lettuce Icerberg – This market is firm. Tip burn, puffiness due to warm temperatures and insect damage are being reported from multiple shippers. Moderate to light supplies all week.
Lettuce Leaf – Romaine as well as hearts are light in availability, but all other leaf items are steady overall. Tip burn and insect damage is being reported on all leaf items.
Melons (Cantalope) – The desert growing region has concluded their season. As the Westside region gets going, demand remains strong as well as the market. Small sized fruit is limited.
Melons (Honeydew) – Mexico has concluded their 2020 melon season. As for domestic, we have fully transitioned from the desert to the westside. Small fruit is limited.
Melons (Watermelon) – Domestic melons have been in high demand due to holiday pull. Looking forward, we can expect supplies to improve and the market to gradually come off.
Onions – Markets are steady on Yellow and Red onions. Look for supplies of White Onions to increase next week which will soften the market.
Pears – Supplies are in limited hands in Washington with a firm market. New Crop Bartlett Pears will be starting next week out of California.
Pineapples – Steady supplies on crown, with markets firming up. Crownless fruit looks to be snug for a couple weeks. Quality is looking fair. Organics are looking steady.
Potatoes – Markets are moving on all sizing from 120ct to 40ct. Retail bails are limited. Processors are still buying which has the growers bullish. New crop will start around August 10th in Idaho.
Squash – Lower markets as more production/ supply comes on from west and east. Overall good condition at this time.
Stone Fruit – Strong retail pull last week left inventories depleted. As growers replenish inventories we can expect market to remain firm as demand has strengthened.
Tomatoes – California has begun harvesting the San Joaquin Valley and volume will increase further in July. Mainland Mexico and Baja are steady. Rounds are slightly down this week. The roma market is steady. East coast romas are in a harvesting gap until Mid-July. Grape and Cherry tomatoes remain tight. Supply will begin to improve this week as volume picks up with more regional deals getting underway in Arkansas and Tennessee., however demand driven by the USDA box program is keeping the domestic market elevated.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

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