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January 22, 2020

Market News

Weather Update
High pressure builds out west with seasonal temperatures across Southern California
and the Southwestern Desert regions. A slight chance of showers on Sunday
due to a weak system passing to the north. Gradual warming and dry conditions
expected into early February. A few isolated showers are possible across Central
Mexico late this week otherwise near-normal temperatures are expected throughout
Mexico through next week.
San Luis, Mexico production is better this week with warmer
weather in the region, the volume is still light. We should
see more volume from this region in the next week. Caborca,
Mexico is still burning fern, but cooler weather in the
region is slowing production. All sizes remain tight from
Mexico. Volume continues to decrease from both regions
in Peru (Ica/Trujillo), their season is about a week away from
wrapping up. Markets on both coasts are still very active
and should remain this way until both regions in Mexico
start with better production.
Avocado (Mexican)
We are just weeks away from the Super Bowl and avocados
are in high demand. The avocado market will remain
relatively active leading up to the big game. Crossings from
Mexico are up year over year and Inventories are not as
lean as they were just weeks ago. We are seeing better
availability on open market fruit, especially on #2 grade
fruit. Post Super Bowl we will see this market come off on
price and there will be some opportunity buys available.
Overall quality has been consistent, fruit is cutting good and
eats great.
Berries (Blueberries)
Blueberries remain in good supplies with promotable
volumes coming from Mexico, Peru, and Chile. Promotable
numbers are going to last through the month of February
so there is plenty of time to plan Ad campaigns and in-store
promotions. Quality has been good in all countries of origin.
Berries (Raspberries)
Raspberry crossings out of Mexico are on the decline bringing
firmer markets along with the fewer numbers. Quality
has generally been good on the fresher lots. Some of the
older pack dates are arriving with some mold or leaker
issues. Look for this market to rise slightly as we move into
the weekend.
Berries (Strawberries)
The market remains firm this week with heavy retail commitments
keeping pricing buoyant. School business is back in
high gear adding to the already brisk demand. Quality out of
California and Mexico is being reported as very good with
the occasional light color and some white shoulder being
reported. Shelf life is much improved over previous offerings
and movement is good. Florida berries are in a natural planting
gap and look to remain lighter in yields for the next 5 to
7 days. Growers in Florida are hoping to be ramped back up
just in time for the Valentine’s Day pull. Look for the markets
in all areas to remain firm through the weekend.
The cauliflower market continues to stay strong due to
lower yields caused by the recent wet and cold weather
in Yuma. The quality is fair with slight bruising and yellow
cast with weights in the 25 to 28-pound level. The warmer
weather we are having in Yuma should help supplies.
Some suppliers may need to sub sizing to fill orders. Look
for the market to continue to adjust going into the weekend
Lettuce Iceberg
Production with this commodity is stronger to start the
week. Expect better supplies throughout the industry. The
weather will be warmer over the next two weeks and no
rain is in the forecast. Some common defects being reported
include lightweights, misshapen heads and mildew,
as well as slight sclerotinia. Escalated pricing is in effect
currently, but expected to fall off by the end of the week on
all value-added lettuce items. Weights are varying industry-
wide, ranging from 33-38 pounds on liner product.
Tomatoes (Western)
There is favorable weather over Mexico this week however
farms are still dealing with major virus issues in the fields where
it is speculated that as much as a 40% loss of yields are responsible
for delayed supply. Additionally, a stronger national market
in Mexico has caused Romas to tighten back up after crossings
began to improve in the last 7 – 10 days. Round tomatoes are
expected to be very light for another 2 weeks minimum until Culiacan
gets going on their much-awaited winter harvests expected
to begin the first part of February. Supply is expected to slowly
increase over the next couple of weeks. New farms have large
fruit coming into the market, but color has been on the light side.
Grape tomatoes are near the price floor but there is a wide range
of quality. With the newly appointed Suspension Agreement’s
inspection provisions, and delays resulting from the USDA’s
phytosanitary controls to prevent the spread of the Tomato Brown
Rugose Fruit Virus, many shippers speculate tight supply until
February when volume overall picks up at the farm level and the
law of large numbers yields higher availability in the market.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

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