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July 24, 2020

Market News

Apples – Small size fruit remains limited as the USDA Box program and retail are still running hard. New Crop Gala and Ginger Golds coming mid August.
Asparagus – Market is coming off their lows and are increasing as supplies are gradually decreasing.
Avocados – Market is steady and demand is good. Mexico is transitioning into new crop. New crop will peak on smaller sized fruit and will be limited on #2 grade fruit.
Berries (Blackberries) – Blackberries are in very light supplies until Mexican production picks up in mid August.
Berries (Blueberries) – Labor issues and adverse weather are hampering production.
Berries (Raspberries) – Supplies are light until Mexican production picks up in mid August.
Berries (Strawberries) – Intense retail demand and lighter than customary production has cause pricing to soar and availability to be limited.
Cauliflower – Market has started to increase as supplies are slightly gapping.
Celery – This market is firm. Better supplies continue in southern California. Leafiness and branchiness has been reported but overall, the quality continues to be good.
Citrus (Lemons) – Markets are active and firm on fancy grade. Choice market is still looking steady. More supplies available out of Oxnard/ Ventura. C
itrus (Limes) – Markets are firming up and expect prices to continue to climb weekly for the remainder of the month. Place orders with lead time.
Citrus (Oranges) – Valencia’s supplies are steady and markets are strong. 138’s are getting snug, put orders in advance for better coverage.
Grapes (Green) – Market is steady and demand has increased due to Mexico finishing up their season. As production ramps up, supplies will improve.
Grapes (Red) – Market is steady and demand has increased. Mexico has concluded their season causing the domestic market to react.
Onions – Plenty of supply in New Mexico and California. Northwest season is a few weeks away. USDA box demand is keeping the mediums elevated.
Pears – Supplies are in limited hands in Washington with a firm market. New Crop Bartlett Pears have started California.
Potatoes – Limited supplies of supplies of 40 CT - 70 CT on the market. USDA box demand has tightened up availability on non-a sized russets. New crop will be available early August. Squash – Lots of supplies and local supplies are ramping up - good condition and availability!
Stone Fruit – Market is firm and demand is good and consistent. Small sized fruit remains under pressure due to strong retail and USDA Box Program. Quality has been excellent.
Tomatoes – The market is mostly steady. In the east, Arkansas and South Carolina have finished harvesting and operations are transitioning to Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia. California is also harvesting good volume. Supply from Mexico continues to improve but remains light. Quality varies between growing regions. The USDA box program continues to drive the market higher for Domestic grape tomatoes. Imports offer value pricing where usable.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

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