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November 20, 2019

Market News

Weather Update
A series of cold fronts bring cooler temperatures and a return of the marine layer to much of California into next week. Warm and dry conditions across the south¬western desert regions with strong gusty winds expected early next week due to a passing cold front. Cooler temperatures and a chance of isolated showers through Central Mexico with seasonal temperatures to the north.
The Southern Baja region is just about closed due to seasonali¬ty. Ciudad Obregon and Northern Baja have started, production has increased, and we should see a steady increase in the next 2-3 weeks. Volume has picked up this week from both regions in Peru (Ica/Trujillo) with more fields opening up for the last push before Sonora starts in December. Volume remains excellent on the larger sizes and should continue until production slows down at the end of December. Markets on both coasts are lower/steady with good movement on all sizes.
Avocado (Mexican)
Not much change this week. We continue to see a strong harvest from Mexico with a better size curve. Despite the fact that we are entering the slowest demand period of the year for avocados, retail ad activity remains strong so the market is stable. We expect the consistency to continue for the coming weeks and there should be confidence in continuing to pro¬mote avocados through the holidays. With so much Mexican fruit in the pipeline, there is little to no demand for Chilean fruit.
Berries (Blackberries)
Blackberries continue to be in light supplies coming out of Mexico. Quality is fair with red cell being reported in most lots. The market should remain firm moving into the weekend with supplies moderately improved next week.
Berries (Blueberries)
Import blueberries from Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay are arriving by boat on both West and East coasts. Mexico is also producing good numbers arriving through the points of entry in Texas and Arizona in good numbers. These are being transferred to both the West and East coasts for distribution. Markets will remain steady with lower undertones moving into the weekend. Quality has been excellent out of all re¬gions.
Berries (Raspberries)
Raspberries are still in fairly good supplies coming primarily out of Mexico and the market is steady. Quality is just fair with some lots experiencing residual issues with moisture causing early breakdown. Numbers are expected to increase as more strawberries out of Mexico provide better logistical options for transfer.
Berries (Strawberries)
As the production curve continues on a downward arch in Santa Maria and Oxnard we will be relying on Mexican Imports to pick up the slack until we hit the real volume Oxnard new crop has to offer in December. Markets are firm with higher undertones moving into the weekend. We are seeing more volume beginning to cross through Texas out of Mexico and Florida. Growers are just starting to see very light production this week. Those numbers will slowly begin to increase as we approach December. Quality has been improving in Mexico as growers rebound from weather-related issues from weeks past.
The cauliflower market continues to be high as suppliers are seeing lower yields and even skipping a few days of harvest to size up the cauliflower. This is causing suppliers to struggle on Cauliflower Florets as there is not enough raw product. The quality is fair with a bruising and yellow cast with weights in the 25 to 28-pound level. Look for the market to continue to adjust going into next week.
This market continues to be active as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday. Supplies are moderate to light in both Santa Maria/Oxnard and Salinas. As expected, demand will increase daily as this commodity is a big holiday item for food service. Mexico continues to have production as well. Harvesting in Salinas will end around the third week in No¬vember. Santa Maria and Oxnard currently have moderate production. The overall quality of this commodity continues to be good. Slight defects being have been leafy tops bow¬ing and mechanical. These defects are minimal, however. Weights are being reported at 52-56 pounds.
Tomatoes (Western)
California has finished for the season, shifting western demand to Mexico where the market is steady at the begin¬ning of new programs. Although volume is building, prices are relatively unchanged from previous weeks. Baja and Mainland Mexico are each harvesting Roma tomatoes where prices vary by region. Grape and cherry tomatoes are widely available from Mexico but slightly higher than their Florida grown counterparts.

July 25, 2012

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