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October 11, 2017

Market News

Asparagus: Northern Baja (Ensenada) is still having good growing weather and should be in for another 10-14 days. Southern Baja still has warm weather which is helping production. Northern Peru (Trujillo), and Southern Peru (ICA) are both in heavy production with excellent growing weather. Overall markets are lower due to Southern Baja, and both regions in Peru in full production.
Avocados: We continue to see improving volume being harvested out of Mexico as the maturity of the fruit improves. Supply lines in the states are also improving. As we move forward through October, we expect to see steady harvest and good supplies available. Size is still peaking of 60s/70s/84 and improving on 48s/40s. The larger fruit, 36s/32s are still very limited.
Blueberries: Blueberry supplies have started to improve this week. We have now transitioned into all import fruit, and shipments are arriving on a regular basis. We have product available from Peru, Argentina and Mexico. Quality is being reported as very good on all fruit. Good size, color, and flavor. Fruit is available to load in multiple locations on both the east and west coasts. Markets have been high, but are starting to gradually decline as more fruit arrives. We expect supplies to increase and quality to remain consistent moving forward.
Strawberries: We continue to have good supplies of strawberries with steady production in multiple areas. Quality overall is improving, and markets have been slightly lower. Salinas / Watsonville – up until recently we were dealing with the impacts of hot weather on this fruit. For the last several weeks, the fruit that was being harvested had endured hot days and warm nights. With the warm weather comes overripe and soft fruit. Night time temps were not dropping low enough for the fruit to rest and firm up. We saw a lot of bruising and dark soft fruit. Luckily, the weather over the last few days has been much better for strawberries. We have had warm days and cool nights, helping the berries firm up. However, we are at the tail end of this season, so the crops are not producing the size we would like (counts range between 22-28). Although the berry condition is improving, it not optimal quality as we finish up the last of summer crop.
Broccoli: The broccoli market continues a downward trend. As the demand has fallen off, it has forced suppliers to lower their prices. Although supplies remain limited, the market continues to correct itself. Processors are still struggling to get enough raw product to produce florets. We should hopefully see better supplies by next week.
Lemons: The Oxnard/Ventura crop is 97% harvested and nearing its seasonal end. Fruit out of this district is peaking on 165’s and smaller. The Desert crop is going with limited volume that will build in availability as we move through October. Fruit from this district is peaking on 140s/115s, heavier to the fancy grade. Imported fruit from Chile and Mexico is in good supplies.
Limes: Lime quality levels continue to improve slowly. Tropical Storm Franklin and other storms had caused a lot of damage to the new crop lime supply and quality. Quality defects range from stylar, skin breakdown, and wind scarring. The size curve is changing to be lighter on the 110’s and 150’s. Overall supplies have decreased while demand has picked up a bit. The market is higher.
Grapes (Green) Good quality and steady supplies on green grapes as we head into autumn. Growers have worked through their problems they had with heat and rain back in September. Expect more of the same barring weather-related issues. Grapes (Red) Red grapes also continue to have good quality and supplies. Again, growers have worked through the weather related issues in September. Expect supplies and quality to be good barring any more weather problems.
Lettuce Iceberg: This market is extremely active, and this will continue for the entire week. Demand exceeds supplies. Production gaps continue in northern and southern California. Huron will begin production next week, but supplies will be limited. Weights on wrap lettuce have been reported at 36-40 pounds which is a decrease on weights in comparison to past weeks. Slight tip burn, mechanical, puffiness, ribbing, and slight insects are the main defects with this commodity. Currently, processors are out with their checkbooks trying to buy as much acreage as possible for this commodity. This will only create a greater strain on production for the carton market. We will be in a demand exceeds supply mode for a few weeks minimum.
Tomatoes (Western) CA, Baja, and Mexico are steady in the western Market showing prices that have been driven down by light demand. As crops begin to yield less going into November markets can jump quickly. The California growers have experienced an extremely hot summer and quality remains a concern. There is a wide range in quality and condition in fruit coming from Mexico and Baja as well. Premium pricing is likely the top of the range in quality being offered. Similarly, Grape supply has increased significantly from just weeks ago also with price being an indicator of quality. Cherry tomatoes remain limited in the west with the majority of the market being determined by VA shippers.

July 25, 2012

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