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November 15, 2017

Market News

Asparagus: Southern Baja volume is decreasing day by day due to seasonality. Central Mexico (Cuidad Obregon) has just begun their season with low volume but we should see an increase in volume with more fields opening up in the next couple of weeks. Southern Peru (ICA), and Northern Peru (Trujillo) both have good volume with favorable weather in both regions. Overall markets are better with the Thanksgiving pull in full swing.
Avocados: Mexico’s shipments to the US continue with good volume. Good supplies exist at shipping points. We are seeing good supplies on 60s/70s and improving supplies on 48s/40s as growers are size picking for these sizes.
Blueberries: Blueberry supplies continue to be very limited this week. The main growing regions at this time are Peru, Argentina and Central Mexico. Both Peru and Argentina have past their peak production periods and gradually trending down. Mexico is expected to increase in production moving forward, but volumes have been light. Chilean arrivals have been delayed 10-14 days due to weather, but we expect to have improved availability once this fruit arrives (late November). Quality has been reported as very good on all import fruit. Demand has been strong. Market prices have been higher as supplies are limited. We expect better availability as we look toward December.
Strawberries: Strawberry supplies are very limited this week. Production in the Salinas / Watsonville areas is very light. Due to recent rains and the tail end of the season, many shippers are done with harvest in this area. As a result, more pressure is being placed on the Oxnard and Santa Maria areas to fill demand. Unfortunately, the weather has been cool in these regions, slowing production and lowering yields. Mexico is producing on a daily basis, but volume is not heavy enough to make a difference in overall supplies. As an industry, strawberry demand is stronger than supply and we are beginning to feel the pinch in availability. Market prices are higher and firm.
Broccoli: We now have four growing regions harvesting broccoli. The has increased supplies and the market is trending lower. Quality has also improved from all regions with bigger crown size, little dehydration, minimal yellowing, and improved weights.
Cauliflower: Cauliflower supplies have drastically increased. As the Thanksgiving day pull hasn’t proved to be that big. Therefore the market is trending much lower. Quality has improved as well. We are seeing sizing improve with 9 count and 12 count cauliflower being the majority of supplies.
Celery: This market is stronger, especially on large sizing. Supplies out of Salinas is moderate to light. Southern California has moderate availability at best in Santa Maria and Oxnard. The overall quality continues to be strong. Expect this market to be inching upward throughout this week. Early reports indicate sizing will be heavier to small sizing.
Navel Oranges: California Navel crop is now in full production and packing good volume. Pack outs are clean with good color resulting in grade ratio of 85% Fancy fruit, leaving much less choice fruit than there is demand for the choice grade. Choice market remains active and short.
Cucumbers: Cucumbers available to load in Nogales from Sonora, Mexico and also from Sinaloa, Mexico. The volume will continue to increase steadily in Nogales as cucumbers are now being harvested in multiple regions. High heat is affecting size, producing smaller cukes. Quality ranges, but is mostly good. Demand is fair to strong, as volume seems to be concentrated on the West Coast. Cucumber production should remain consistent through the holidays.
Green Grapes: Good supplies of green grapes continue through the month. Growers are starting to store grapes for December and trying to push the market up. Prices remain steady and quality is very good still. Deals can be found on load volume. Import grapes have started to show up in light volumes. Full production of imports should be going by mid-December
Red Grapes: Red grapes also continue on much like green grapes. Quality is nice and is expected to continue. Growers are also starting to hold product in storage for December. Red import grapes have started to show up in light volumes also. Full production of imports should be going by mid-December.
Tomatoes: California has finished harvesting for the season leaving Florida the only domestic growing area to service the nations demand. Baja and Mexico are both helping supply with Vine ripened crops but also struggling to find tremendous yields with cool weather trends experienced during the growing cycle. Nearly all roma tomatoes currently are imports with reasonable pricing for the season. Grape and cherry tomatoes are in a period of transition between fields with supply improving slightly week over week, however there has been no realization of relief in the market with demand from contracts and holiday adds pressing markets upward. Until winter production gets underway in December, extreme markets are expected to be the scenario for the next several weeks.

July 25, 2012

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