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May 27, 2020

Market News

Apples – The USDA Box Program continues to absorb much of the smaller, low-grade fruit; keeping prices firm. Galas remain snug along with Honeycrisp.
Avocados – Markets are steady for both California and Mexican fruit. Demand remains strong and with good availability. Quality has been excellent. Heat Wave in Southern California this week. May be a setback in the near future.
Bell Peppers – Stronger markets with transitions to new growing regions, small gaps.
Berries (Blueberries) – Blueberries are in good supply on the West Coast, new crop Central Valley.
Berries (Raspberries) – Will be in short supplies for the next few weeks as Mexico ramps down and we wait for Central Coast CA, to increase.
Berries (Strawberries) – Hot weather has caused an increase in volume while post holiday demand wanes. Quality on the fruit will be adversely affected during this heat. Expect bruising, full red fruit, and limited shelf life. Carrots – Snack pack demand has tapered off while cello carrots still remain in good demand.
Cherries – CA Cherries are getting closer to end with smaller shippers wrapping up this week. WA Cherries will begin the first/second week of June with very light volume to start.
Citrus (Lemons) – Steady supplies on all sizes with good quality. Markets are starting to firm up.
Citrus (Limes) – Good supplies this week, quality looks great. Markets coming off, lots of opportunities to push limes out.
Citrus (Oranges) – Navel demand is very strong with supplies winding down. Opportunity buys on large sized fruit. Valencia’s are also available but limited on small sizes.
Eggplant –Starting to see more larger sizes being picked and packed. Grapes (Red) – Quality is nice out of Mexico. Price is slightly higher. Lettuce (Iceberg) – Quality is fair. Pinking,discoloration and puffiness being reported. Light supplies all week. Market is active.
Lettuce Leaf – Multiple suppliers reporting good availability for romaine as well as all leaf items for the week.
Melons (Honeydew) – Market remains active and availability is very limited. Overall demand continues to increase. Mexico winding down and the desert is just getting going. Unseasonably hot temperatures may setback the harvest this week. Excessive heat warming Wednesday through Friday.
Melons (Watermelon) – Market remains active and supplies are limited due to strong holiday pull. Growers holding off on harvest to let the fruit size up. Quality has been great on Mexican and domestic fruit.
Onions – Washington will finish for the season this week. California desert is winding down with the valley region to start this week with light supplies. New Mexico is also up and running with a few supplies out of Uvalde, Texas.
Pears – Washington Low-grade (Fancy) Anjous are scarce; most shippers are only quoting US#1. The USDA Box Program is impacting inventory. CA Bartletts should be available in July.
Pineapples – Steady supplies on crown fruit. Crownless supplies are improving, should be in better shape by June. Good supplies on organics.
Potatoes – Markets continue to rise on larger size 40ct-70ct. Consumer bags are in high demand and pushing prices higher along with smaller 100ct. Pricing will remain active. Squash – Good availability and good condition overall.
Stone Fruit – Plenty of supplies. Warm weather this week has increased yields. Prices are coming down.
Tomatoes – Florida production is winding down and the size profile is scaling down. Roma volume is increasing out of Mexico growing regions. Grape tomatoes will be tight through the first week of June.

July 25, 2012

Vendor Update

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