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Fresh Produce

The secret to amazing produce is simple; keep it fresh. "Managing the cold chain" is the mantra at Spokane Produce. It begins with produce of the highest quality from our hand-selected list of suppliers.


Spokane Produce is the Inland Northwest's largest independent organic produce distributor. We believe that providing organic products not only gives our customers greater choice, by supporting organic farming we promote a better environment. Not to mention it tastes great!

Salads & Kits

Green stuff is just the start! Want a salad with capellini and black olives? Everything from a single server clamshell Cobb & Caesar to full kits (all ingredients included) for volume feeding of an in-store deli is prepared in our facility

Cut Fruits and Veggies

Call 'em finger foods, crudites, bites or just plain snacking'. A full selection of fruit, vegetable combo's and snack trays are available for single serve or large group offers.

Market Fresh Deli Items

A state of the art, multi-million dollar kitchen, a concert of chefs, and a bounty of the finer produce and local foodstuffs make for truly great delicatessen items. Want a thriller sandwich on gourmet artisan bread with fresh cut meats, cheeses and delicious epicurean spreads? Maybe a selection of grilled vegetables. Taste 'em all!

Specialty Labels

Fresh produce is the perfect base for any prepared food item. So we take fresh ingredients, make salsa, homemade soups, sauces, pico de gallo's and more!


Custom arrangement & bouquets? No delivery charges, no surcharges and no box charges? That's what we do!

In many ways, flowers are the perfect compliment to food. Here's to the wonders of nature!

Featured Items

The world of produce and floral is full of new and ever-changing products. Here are few new or seasonal items we feel deserve special mention.